Thank you for coming to my website. I stumbled into this profession by accident, actually accidents. Growing up I was fascinated by technology, and along the way I purchased some of it. Once I got my hands on a new toy I couldn't just let it be, I had to make it faster, louder, and better. In my attempts to squeeze every last drop of power out of computers, stereo's, televisions, etc. I usually ended up wreaking havoc whether software, or occasionally hardware too. Let's just say I learned a lot. The hard way. Soon I was running a Graphic Design company while in high school, and on the side i was installing car stereos for friends, hooking up home theater systems for grandparents, repairing computers, teaching friends and family how to use theirs, or repairing the damage their children's internet use caused (isn't it always the children.), and more. Thanks to these experiences I am able to help you with your technical needs. From setting up a new computer, repairing an old one, or optimizing it for the best performance, including television/stereo system set up, logo design, business cards, and brochures, I've got you covered. No need to disconnect everything and lug it into a shop, I come to you! I can repair it on site, pick it up and take it to my shop, or you can drop it off; it's your choice! One thing is for sure, that when I'm done your problems will be too. I'd bet your computer will run faster than it ever has! I guarantee my work so you can rest assured. If I can't fix the problem, you don't pay, no matter how much time was spent trying.

The Traveling Geek