• Computer Support: $20.00/hr. Parts not included. *

    Graphic Design: $20.00/hr.**

    All other jobs: $20.00/hr. (beginning to see a pattern?)

*You will be given a time estimate on all jobs, along with a maximum estimated charge, for example, if I can't do a complete computer overhaul in 10 hours then I don't deserve $20.00 per hour. This ensures you don't get charged an exorbitant amount without knowing what you are getting into before hand.

**Graphic design charges are for labor only. Additional charges apply for materials. Logo design subject to additional charges for inspiration, and creativity.


Servicing Reedsport, Gardner, and Winchester Bay. Outside the city limits are charged at $.55/mile plus $20.00 per hour.


Minimum on all jobs of one half hour.